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October 20, 1997
Editor's Note Header
As Netcom Goes, So Go ISPs
Because it was one of the original access providers, Netcom's decision last week to give up its independence-in a $280M merger with ICG Communications-will likely produce some soul-searching among smaller ISPs.

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News Report
Java Dispute Deepens as Sun Seeks $35M in Damages
Sun and Microsoft release their Java license agreement.

Mergers Mount for ISPs, Telcos
A new breed of communications provider is emerging, the result of a recent frenzy of acquisitions by telephone companies of the largest Internet access providers. An analysis.

General Motors Gives E-Commerce a Boost With New-Car-Buying Site
General Motors launches a new Web site to streamline the car-buying process.

Revenue Gains for Check Point, Two ISPs
The third quarter of 1997 brought record results for Check Point Software Technologies, EarthLink Network's first year-to-year decrease in net loss, and revenue of $1.9 million for @Home Network.

Lucent Adds Dial-Up Port Company to Its Lineup
Lucent Technologies last week said it will buy Livingston Enterprises for $650 million in stock.

Excite Buys Search-Technology Firm for $35M
Excite acquires a search innovator and posts better earnings than analysts expected.
Infoseek Rolls Out New Features, New Look
Search engine company Infoseek will make a number of significant enhancements to its service this week as it follows its competitors in trying to position itself as a starting point for Web surfers.

Netscape Licenses Real-Time Messaging Software From AOL
AOL's Instant Messenger software will ship in every Netscape browser this year.

Roving Robot Will Unmask Online Music Pirates
A Web robot will serve as a prospecting tool for an organization that enforces music copyrights online.

Microsoft CE 2.0 Ships; Product Announcements Follow
Microsoft announced last week that it had shipped version 2.0 of Windows CE to ten OEMs.

Netcom Sale is Latest ISP-Telecom Merger
ICG Communications last week acquired Netcom On-Line Communications Services in a stock deal valued at $283.5 million.

Click here to win. It's as easy as ABC.
"Click here to win. It's as easy as ABC."
Marketing/Commerce Header
Fraud Follows Buyers Onto the Web
Internet fraud threatens to stifle Web commerce.

'Web Rings' Emerge as Alternative to Search Engines
A small number of sites are organizing related sites into interlinked "rings," enabling surfers to move among sites known to be on a specific topic.
Ad Network Shifting Focus From Banner Barter to Sales
LinkExchange, the network of more than 100,000 sites that provide free banner ads to one another, has stepped up its efforts to sell available inventory to outsiders by hiring a new director to head an expanding sales force.

Marketing & Commerce Briefs

Intranet World header
The Benefits of a Lean, Focused Intranet Team
Sapient's intranet management philosophy favors a team approach.
Group Uses Push Channel To Keep Members Coming Back
A push "channel" for the American Institute of Architects' extranet has been a qualified success, generating 750 subscribers in its first month of existence.

Intranet Advisor
Intranet Advisor

Staying Power of Nets; Best Solutions; Web-Specific Tools Are intranets a fad? Which vendors offer the best end-to-end solution? How do Web-enabled client-server tools compare with Web-specific application development tools?

The Intranet Advisor answers readers' questions on monitoring software, intranet policymaking.

Software Header
Novell Fights for Web-Era Network Markets
Novell is past the announcement stage of its turnaround strategy, but analysts and customers remain skeptical of its Internet plans.

Service Synchronizes Users' Desktop Data Over Web
Microsoft and Netscape are battling it out to see which company will create the future "portable desktop"-but startup Visto Corp. may beat them to the punch.
Developers on Front Line of Java Class War
Underlying the Sun Microsystems-Microsoft legal battle is a struggle over the application programming interfaces for Internet distributed computing.

Software Briefs

NetWare for SAA

Ask the Infra Expert
The Infra Expert gives advice on analyzing traffic on your Ethernet, and the pitfalls of multihoming.

Letting 5,000 Users Chat All At Once
Live World Productions recently completed a chat infrastructure that can transmit 7 Mbits of text, graphics, and ads per second.

RSA Freely Licenses Domain Security Encryption
RSA Data Security Inc. last week announced that it will freely license a version of its encryption engine that will put into place a critical component for securing the Internet's Domain Name System.
Products and Services
A sampling of new products, from ISP hardware to security software.

New Technology Automates Antivirus Updates
Trend Micro Inc. announces its IntraScan technology, which uses an internal corporate Web server to distribute antivirus information automatically to client machines via an ActiveX client.

Under Construction header
Web Week's Second Annual Survey of Web Design Companies: A Look at Top Firms Reveals the State of the Art in '97
Respondents to our second annual Web design survey ranged in size from 600 employees to two shops that have only a single employee-and their input showed that almost any size firm can snag at least one large corporate client with the right combination of talent and timing.

Easy, cheap, reliable web hosting for small business.
Industry header
Future of Network Computing: CEOs Spar Over Visions
The Gartner Group quizzed the CEOs of Microsoft, Netscape, and Sun Microsystems on the future of network computing at its conference in Orlando.
Online Auction Firm Bids Second Offering in Hot Market
A scant six months after floating a desultory initial public offering, online auction pioneer Onsale is coming back to the market from a position of much greater strength.

Industry Briefs
Web Career head
Web is a Heaven for Headhunters
The new media boom has spawned dozens, if not hundreds of recruiting firms hoping to cash in on the shortage of qualified employees.
The Fast Track
The inside track on Internet-industry job changes and promotions.

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